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    I'm on a shoot this week where we need to attach a couple of GoPro's to/close to a dart board, to capture both a close up of the the darts hitting the board, and the talent walking up to the board to collect the darts .. Now, believe it or not, I've rarely worked with GP's before, so I need some advice in terms of kit/accessories .. What accessories would I need to achieve these shots? And what you recommend in terms of quantity of batteries, SD cards etc. to cover a one a day shoot, where we'd be rolling for no longer than 60mins if that, since the talent we have is only available for a short amount of time ..

    Please fire away!

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    Be sure to get SD cards that are recommended by GoPro. If they're too slow, then the GoPro has a tendency to freeze up or only allow you to shoot in lower quality. If you're wanting to shoot 60fps at 2.7K or 120fps at 1080, you'll need the higher end MicroSDs.
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