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    My "electronics hobby project" is finally done. Just wanted to show the results


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    Thats great, what does it do?
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    It controls the analog servo channels 1-4. Gives direct control over the settings. Itīs my micro version of similar controllers.

    The smaller one changes ISO,WB and Shutter angle. The bigger one is REC, ISO and WB. Although these can be changed.
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    Woah. Funky. Are you going to mass produce these controllers?

    Do you know, would either one fit with the Wooden Camera BMMCC Micro Cage?
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    Nice box. Is it 3d printed, or you find a ready to use small box somewhere? Maybe add a screws same as in original D-SUB connector design to fit it more secure in camera?
    i use a Micro for a few months and find that if shoot RAW i only need external the REC button because no need to change ISO or WB at all. those buttons can be useful in future if BM developers add an option to external buttons to turn overlays, guides, peaking on/off.
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    I made these, since the BMMCC felt impossible to operate without direct controls. Only these two exist at the moment but maybe

    I don't have the Wooden Camera BMMCC Micro Cage, but by looking at the pictures of it, both of these should fit the cage easily. If the accessory cable that came with the camera fits, then these will also.
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    It is 3D printed and had to be because of the tiny size. It is very tight on the connector so i didn't feel the need to have the screws go through it.
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    Nice job, they look great! Keep us posted if you plan to make them, I would be interested in one with the record button, or a LANC output where the red button is.
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    Thanks Denny!

    They are really great and i don't think the pictures do them justice on just how tiny they are. The smaller one is only 12mm x 20mm x 30mm. You can also switch between them on the fly without any power on/off cycles. And also without the need to change any settings in the menus.
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    Its so tiny. Is there anyway to extend this? I prefer to have the buttons somewhere more comfortable other than how it is set up on the picture. Great job on the controller!
    BMPCC. D800
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