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  1. #1 Area 48 Remote Phosphor Lights (x2) Plus Accessories 
    $4,300 or best offer (via PayPal) + shipping.

    U.S. Buyers Only (for the moment, anyway)

    These are two like-new, barely used Area 48 Soft lights that have NEVER been used on any production whatsoever. They've only ever been used for camera tests and the occasional need to light items for sale on eBay, both in a smoke-free, upstairs ex-bedroom.

    The lights and accessories are in excellent working and cosmetic condition with virtually no visible signs of ownership.

    I'm selling everything as a complete kit - all or nothing. They will ship in three different boxes, one each for the lights and the third for accessories.

    You get:

    Area 48 Soft + detachable barn doors, angled yoke and bale blocks (x2)
    Interchangeable 3200 Kelvin CRI 97 Phosphor panel (x2)
    Interchangeable 5600 Kelvin CRI 96 Phosphor panel (x2)
    160 Watt Power Supply & AC Power Cord (x2)
    V-Lock Battery Plate (x1)
    DoP Choice 90 Degree Soft Box with Diffusion (x1)
    DoP Choice 40 Degree Snap Grid for use on barn doors (x1)

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    $3600 or best offer + shipping

    ...because my love for you burns brighter than 10,000 fc at 3 feet.
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    $3,300 or best offer + shipping.

    Because you won't find these lights in any better used shape than what I'm offering. As good? It's doubtful. Better? Nope.
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    Now $3,100 + shipping because the Red Priestess looked into the flames and said the Lord of Light wills it.
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