Thread: Poor man's Angenieux - Tokina AT-X-Pro 28-70mm F2.6-2.8

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    At what aperture do most of you find yourselves using this lens?

    It looks very similar to the Angenieux from F4 (or more stopped down), but wide open it is noticeably worse, both in terms of sharpness and contrast. Because I'm mostly on 4/3 sensors these days, I find being limited to F4 a bit of a drag. I may end up selling mine.
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    Yeah, the image at 2.8 is strangely muddled (and obviously) soft to my eye. I try not to go more open than 3.5 if I can help it. It is an unfortunate limitation, but I still think the lens has a place in my package. I just got off a music video shoot and used it a few times. The DP has an UMP 4.6k as well and when he was reviewing the footage I shot on the Tokina, he asked about the lens because he loved the image quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruben de Boer View Post
    @Frank Glencairn, and yours? Would like to hear your judgment as well, before proceeding to sell/return it!
    That's definitely not good.
    I thought you are just talking about that "clunk" sound it makes when turning it over, that's the pullback ring, but a wobbling front
    element? Not a keeper.
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    Decided to send it back and bought a different one. Hope that one is better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snuff View Post
    I want to tell you about the slight improvement of my Tokina. Inexpensive accessories that will make working with the lens more convenient.

    I installed a vintage rubber hood Mamiya M77 No.1. This is a very high quality hood, much better than Chinese ones, sold on ebay. It has a metal ring in the rubber bezel. It also has a thread for 77mm filters. Two-position folding hood.

    I've been looking for a quality reliable follow focus and zoom lever for a long time and found it, but not among the photographic products, but among the household goods. Very good and reliable, nothing wiggles and you can reinstall as many times as you want. Breakaway Nilon Coasters are only 5 pounds for a pair.

    I did not like the gold band on the Tokina's focusing ring and I covered it with a black silicone follow focus ring for only a pound.

    Very impressive setup you did. I look like a real Cine Lens.

    I nabbed a Tokina Pro II version (with the bayonet, 77 milimeter thread, and only f2.8) from Japan. I can't wait to see what it is.
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    Does anyone know the diameter of the zoom and focus rings for attaching gears? Ive got the ATX Pro II 2.6-2.8

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    I measured the diameter of the lens with a caliper (Tokina 28-70 f/2.8 first version): the diameter of the zoom ring is 75 mm; diameter of the focusing ring is 80 mm.
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