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    I want to tell you about the slight improvement of my Tokina. Inexpensive accessories that will make working with the lens more convenient.

    I installed a vintage rubber hood Mamiya M77 No.1. This is a very high quality hood, much better than Chinese ones, sold on ebay. It has a metal ring in the rubber bezel. It also has a thread for 77mm filters. Two-position folding hood.

    I've been looking for a quality reliable follow focus and zoom lever for a long time and found it, but not among the photographic products, but among the household goods. Very good and reliable, nothing wiggles and you can reinstall as many times as you want. Breakaway Nilon Coasters are only 5 pounds for a pair.

    I did not like the gold band on the Tokina's focusing ring and I covered it with a black silicone follow focus ring for only a pound.

    Thank you for sharing, I absolutely love how you've accessorized the lens. Great photos as well, a pleasure to look at.
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    I have a Version 2 of this lens, Nikon Mount for sale. Excellent condition for $250.

    I'm getting rid of all of my nikon direction focusing lenses. Too many missed shots because I keep switching back and forth and can't keep it straight.[/ATTACH]P1000507.jpgP1000508.jpgP1000505.jpg
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