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  1. #1 Youtube lifting the blacks, a week after upload? 
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    Don't know if I just start seeing things, but I'm 99% sure YT just lifted the blacks on my latest demo reel today. I was watching it several times since I uploaded it a few days ago and it always looked right. But since today, the blacks are lifted (actually like a change from full to broadcast).

    I usually upload my clips as 709, since I understand, that's what YT expects. And it worked for years.
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    Did you view it with the same browser? There are differences between browsers too. Only Safari and Firefox are color managed. Chrome and I.E. will shift on you.
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    Are you using your graphics card to render video in the browser? What browser are you using?

    If you're using Chrome, turn off hardware acceleration and then see what it looks like. Also, look at your video on an iPad if you have one, that should give you a pretty good baseline of what the image looks like.
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