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    Dope, but for our purposes, having the option to copy to external drives formatted as exfat / mac extended formats would be a nice addition for files over 4gb.
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    Only an update; the Nexto Di is now available, in Germany for about 800 plus .
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    I guess I stay with my laptop and external drives then.
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    I know this thread is already a little older but I thought it might help to write about the convenient solution which is on the market since a few months now.



    I bought it 3 weeks ago for 380 net and took it on a documentary shoot to Nairobi the last two weeks and I'm very amazed of the simplicity of the device.
    As an internal ssd I use a seperately bought 2TB Samsung 860 QVO.

    The process:
    You turn it on, put the CFast card in and it asks you if you want to sychronize it with the internal harddrive fast, with verification or safe copy. You choose an option it backups your clips.

    It has two integrated SD and one MicroSD slot too, you can also attach a card reader for CF cards or anything else for sound backup etc., the copy process is the same.

    Back in the hotel we made three Backups on external harddrives. To power the external HDD you connect a power bank or a power supply via the USB-C port of the Nexto.


    The NEXTO device checks if files are missing on the external hdd and synchronizes it if you select it.

    For checking, if the clips work, theres a preview function too.

    No laptop is needed.
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    Christian Haake / cinematographer / Austria / / Reel:
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