Thread: Shooting 2x Anamorphic on the BMPC4K

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    I too think it was a nice little film,but find the chromatic aberrations to be too much .most likely the rangefinder (as I have watched few other clips using the rangefinder and seems is the cause of this),anyone know if slr Magic is looking to fix this or have a version 2 maybe in future ? Also has anyone tried to correct it in post ,how easy will it be ?
    I have the range finder on my Kowa 8Z and I don't have the extreme CA that this short does. It might be your ISCO lens being that it is a projector lens?
    Great work though, I loved this. I agree with the 4:3 mode I wish they would add that and anamorphic desqueeze to the VA and I'm set!
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    Yup - unfortunately. Small[ish] price to pay for single focusing. The witness marks were pretty spot on once calibrated with the anamorphic adapter.
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