Thread: Anyone got an EVF or Mini 4k yet?

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  1. #1 Anyone got an EVF or Mini 4k yet? 
    If I remember correctly at IBC the Blackmagic team said that the Mini 4k would in customers' hands in 2 weeks, and that the EVF was shipping right then (is that right, that's what I thought I'd heard?) So has anyone seen anything yet or have any other news?

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    I got lucky and got an EVF.

    Makes a great image on my epic Dragon.

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    Thanks Dan - how did you get lucky? Did you put in an early pre-order? Does that mean that there a few out there but lots of pre-orders to fill first? Dealers I speak to say they have no word from BM at all about shipping dates.

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    Only 1 person with an EVF?

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    Well, how many users on this forum have an URSA already? And how many of them DON'T already have an EVF? And how many read this section? (the news and info section)
    I'm guessing it's shipping in limited numbers since I've seen unboxing videos etc, but this forum represents only a small percentage of users so not that surprising at this stage. I'd expect to see more once URSA Mini's are shipping in VOLUME.

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    I'm just a bit surprised that when my dealer asks BM for an eta they have absolutely no idea. I could understand that if the product was still in development but not if was already shipping.

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    Hi, the viewfinder is definitely shipping. Who's your dealer?
    A user just posted on our forum they received one, and there have been others:
    Blackmagic Design
    My BMD LUTs.

    **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**

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    Thanks Cap - I'm in the UK and have spoken to a couple of dealers, and they just say BM here don't know when they'll get anything in.

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    BM here in the UK still have zero idea on expected date of the Mini 4k - anyone else?

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    Anyone heard anything on a ramp up of the Viewfinder?

    We ordered one day 1 of shipping, and our dealer still hasn't heard anything on when they will be in.

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