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    I had the grid for the BMCC and sold it together with the camera. I didn't keep it for the URSA. It's not, IMO, accommodating and a bit bulky. I'm also looking at the 502 combo... they are very nice but just cost almost the price of the BMD EVF so that can be a toss-up if I ever go that route. They're beyond my budget for an EVF too. I'm still trying to look for a practical and lower price point product without sacrificing quality. The Cineroid EVF is interesting too. I just don't know what the rez scale-down would do to the viewing image on the Cineroid when used with the URSA.
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    i use a grid loupe/finder on my video assist 5inch. its the one thats designed for the 5" red screen, but fits the video assist very well. well built and come on and off easy, but is still secure when on, due to the strong magnets.

    but the view is a bit distorted, mainly barrel distortion. and there isn't an diopter - if you use glasses. its a pity they didn't use a better quality lens and put on a thread so the distance could be tweaked. the 1080p of the video assist seems pixelated, but mainly due to the too close distance the loupe magnifies to. i prefer the small rectangle in the black magic evf- smaller, and seems way sharper - probably due to it being smaller.

    i dont use it with my ursa, mainly on the canon 5d and a7rii, its a compact way of getting both a monitor and an evf.

    Paul Ross Jones

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    Loupes like the Grid and the Zacuto work well with smaller LCDs, up to around 3.5-inches. The VA 5-inch screen is too big to see comfortably with a Lupe. The Zacuto loupe worked well with the Pocket camera, but does not cover the full screen on the VA. With a loupe on larger screens like the VA or the Ursa Mini's 5-inch LCD, is, it is too big to see the entire screen with a loupe. The SideFinder works,on the SmallHD because you can downscale the size of the screen image in the 501/502 (user selectable) to get a small image that can be easily seen with the loupe.
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