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    Awesome plugin. I bought the full version and have found that the small HD colors have very different valuescompared to my Small HD 501 out of the box. Played around and while not 100% perfect, I feel I've come as close to an accurate representation as I can using 6 different shots all with various exposure settings. It can definitely be fine tuned even more but here you go:

    Haven't been able to play around with "Discrete mode" settings for 501's False Color mainly because I'm unfamiliar with the IRE values I'm getting.

    ..'bout time i contributed to this forum
    Thanks a lot for that!
    I used a generic SmallHD False Color overlay as a template. Seems the recent models use different one.
    I am getting one myself but didn't have a chance to play around with one yet.
    Looking at the photo you did an excellent job!

    I tried applying your DPX file in Resolve but something is wrong. When I import it into Resolve I see the thumbnail but when I try to Apply the grade nothing happens...
    Any ideas?

    Quote Originally Posted by dermot shane View Post
    Thanks Tom and Keith!

    I live and die by my scopes, not used to false color, bit i can see how it's a cool tool in thw right hands
    Yeah, certainly!
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    Hey guys!

    Small update - just released the plugin for Adobe After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC.

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    New version (2.3) is here and a few new things in the plugin:

    • Saturation map - false color based on saturation of the image instead of the luminosity
    • More accurate SmallHD preset
    • Fixed BlackMagic VA issue in Adobe version
    • Fixed NuKe crash
    • Other fixes and improvements

    As always, plugin can be found here:

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    Awesome , thank you so much Tomasz!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stip View Post
    Awesome , thank you so much Tomasz!

    BTW, I created this "All you need to know about False Color plugin" page - might be interesting for anyone wondering what the False Color is and how to use it in post:
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