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  1. #1 Is the BMPCC Offer coming back around? 
    I sold my BMPCC a few months back due to the trials and tribulations of freelancing seeing me hours away from being evicted, the only item I had of decent value was the BMPCC and so it was sold for well below market value to allow me to have a roof over my head.

    I have since had a good run of Producer work and whilst I'm not rich I can pay my rent comfortably. I really want to get a BMPCC again, one so I can build up my Directing reel but also as a bit of a symbolic boost, to say I got through the tough times and I've got out of the other side.

    I really can't splash 700 or so on a body so I'm just wondering if anyone has some info regarding the 350 offer coming back, or even a stockist who is still honouring the offer? With NAB coming up I thought maybe a new camera will be announced and prices of the old models will plummet.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    No one knows except Blackmagic. I wouldn't be surprised if there were NAB promos next month or even a permanent price drop to $500 especially if a new BMPCC is announced.
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