First time using proxies, just figuring this out so please bear with me.
So I exported low resolution proxies from Resolve to edit in Premiere CS6. Created my project, imported low res proxies, edited. Exported .xml from Premiere, opened in Resolve but with RAW files.. Color corrected my timeline, exported HD copies to a nearby folder, renamed my first proxies folder to something else.

Opened my project in Premiere, relinked files to my new HD .mov files instead of low res proxies.
Now every clip on my timeline is crossed out, and only gives me the first frame of each clip when playing the timeline, like a slideshow.

Now I'm not too familiar with crossed out clips and its not exactly easy to Google.
The files imported fine, and also play fine in the preview window, just not when playing the timeline.
I'm pretty sure it's something simple and I'm just doing it wrong.