Thread: Canon LP-E6 "replacement" batteries for BMPC4K?

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  1. #1 Canon LP-E6 "replacement" batteries for BMPC4K? 
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    Hi all,

    Waiting in line like many others for availability of the new P4K. Meantime searching around for best pricing on the Canon LP-E6 batteries for it. A number of reputable dealers offer "replacement" versions for the Canon LP-E6 battery sometimes less than half the price of an actual Canon batt. Any advice regarding these for use with the new Pocket 4K? I think I've read that non-Canon versions provide far less battery time? Thanks in advance!
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    Some folks in this forum put together this incredible spreadsheet comparing all the different LP-E6 battery brands:
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    We use only native Canon batteries and a D-Tap with proper cable.
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    Few weeks ago i found battery branded "Batmax lp-e6" on eBay/Aliexpress online stores. Manufacturer calm it use quality Sanyo cells. Worth to try for $9.

    All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here
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    I'm very happy with RAVpower batteries on my p4k. I bought four, with two dual chargers, for the price of a single Canon battery. They may last a bit less, but they get the job done, and given how I use them the lack of a reliable battery life indicator is not a problem (arrive in the morning with all batteries charged, move them from charged to uncharged pouch as I go through them, then charge everything overnight; once or twice in a day I may have to reshoot something because the battery died in the middle of a shot, but I never have a big crew so it's not much of a problem *for me*).
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