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  1. FS: MIller DS-20 Aluminum Tripod System

    Miller DS-20 Aluminum Tripod System - consists of: DS-20 Fluid Head, DS 2-Stage Tripod, Spreader and Softcase - Supports 20 lbs
    It's shipping out of New York (moved to L.A.!) Selling for $1200...
  2. FS: SmallHD DP7 Pro 7" LCD On Camera Field Monitor $700

    Excellent condition - used on one shoot maybe 20 hours total?. This is the king of monitors with so many features. Best on camera monitor I ever used. I swapped from DP'ing to directing full time....
  3. Whats the best way to crowdfund these days? IndieGoGo/KickStarter/SeedAndSpark ?

    Hey guys - what is the best way to crowdfund. I have a Sci Fi/Cyberpunk short film I am getting read to shoot and I'd love to raise some funds since the early shots came out so good.

    What's the...
  4. SmallHD Battery Adapter Plate for DP7-PRO Field Monitor

    Used , but like new! (actually never used - just kept in kit) $99 roughly new: $60

    The SmallHD Battery Adapter Plate will allow you to attach a SmallHD, Gold Mount, V-Mount, or LP-E6 battery...
  5. Kessler Crane Kwik Release plate [ for tripods , sliders highhats, etc ]

    Kessler Crane KWIK RELEASE Plate with Short Plate

    Costs $139 new without the Short Plate and $174 with the short plate.

    Great for quick release off a mount during film production.

  6. Kessler Stealth Slider Length:Standard Length (40.5")

    This unit comes with Outrigger Feet and a Stealth Soft Case

    It's like brand new. It was only mounted once. It's this unit with the case and feet is still $1000

    Images Of Slider

    Selling it...
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    Redrock Micro Remote Handheld Bundle

    I have a Redrock Micro microRemote Handheld Bundle.
    It's still $1600+ (after taxes and/or shipping)

    Images Of The RedRock Micro MicroRemote Handheld Bundle

    It's brand new! Not in a box...
  8. Audio Setup Recommendations For a Web Series BMPC 4K

    I'm thinking of tackling a Web Series with a Production Camera 4k. Everything I've shot on it so far didn't need audio (music videos)

    I'm looking for some recommendations for audio in a web series...
  9. Working with 4K footage from BMPC4K and Avid. How To UpRes?

    Hi guys

    I started on a project I shot in 4k (before resolve had editing abilities) and I imported it to Avid at a much lower encoding to cut it so I could play it real time. I also did a lot of...
  10. Here is a short clip from it using 30FPS and...

    Here is a short clip from it using 30FPS and Twixtor to get slow motion - I'm still experimenting a bit:
    Can anyone let me know if they think this looks weird or does it hit the mark
  11. FS EBAY: $225 SmallHD DP7 Paralinx Arrow Wireless X-Port Dock / DP7 HIGH BRIGHT/OLED

    Hey Guys - here is a link to a ebay Buy not (OBO) $225 Brand new unsed Paralix Arrow Wireless X-port Dock

    Compatible with SmallHD DP7 High Bright...
  12. //BMPCC Footage From A Project called X-Static

    BMPCC @ Pro Res HQ
    Using CANON EF L Series Glass
    Natural Light from window source.
    Makeup and great Actor
    One more day of Primary Shooting in NY

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    Does this mean we can pour water on our BMPC to...

    Does this mean we can pour water on our BMPC to cool it and get higher frame rates?
  14. I called marketek and they said they could get...

    I called marketek and they said they could get it.

    I actually begged the place in L.A. to find it and they did and they are gonna ship it to me overnight which is faster (and maybe cheaper?) than...
  15. new one for the BMPC 4k is 90$ and right now...

    new one for the BMPC 4k is 90$ and right now looks like its gonna be 7-10 days to get it.

    There goes shooting!
  16. I lost my power supply for the Black Magic Production Camera 4k. Where to get 1?

    I lost my power supply somewhere in another state - i cant seem to find one online
    am i screwed or is there a way to replace the power supply for the BMPC 4k camera?
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